Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock – Splitsville!

TMZ has reported that Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from her husband of 4 months, Kid Rock. Kid Rock filed his own divorce papers right back at her.

She cited irreconcilable differences. They were married on August 3.

Good grief.

You know, the state of the world today… you’ve got states, politicians, religious leaders and moral activists everywhere fretting over gay marriages – citing that such a union would undermine and destroy the sanctity of marriage in this country. That such unions would somehow rip apart the moral fabric of family values…

I think such activists, politicians, religious leaders and moral do-gooders would do well to start with the union of heterosexual unions first – - before they start casting stones – because certain high profile heterosexuals seem to be doing a damn good job at making a laughing stock out of the grand institution of marriage, eh?

I’m just sayin..

Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock, Divorce

Poor, Poor Pam. Will she ever find Mr. Right – - or will she continue to settle for, and settle down with, Mr. Right Now?

And Poor Kid – - Will he ever find his true princess??

All signs point to no.

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One Response to Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock – Splitsville!

  1. I admire Pamela Anderson since I started loving her in Baywatch. She is just sexy and gorgeous woman. She also has a unique style

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