A Story of Two Friends and a Guy

Once upon a time, Heather Locklear and Denise Richards were BFF (Best Friends Forever!!)!!

Denise Richards and Heather Locklear BFF!

Denise kindly helped Heather through her ugly divorce from rocker Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi). Heather discovered that Richie was CHEATING on her! Seriously, Heather Locklear dumped for another woman??? How in HOLY HADES does that happen???!!

Heather is so beautiful! So gorgeous! Why… why… the OTHER woman would have to be JUST as beautiful and sexy and gorgeous …. someone like…. oh… say…..

Her BFF Denise Richards!

Denise Richards romping with Richie Sambora

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora have been getting cozy: The pair were spotted kissing in Southern California this weekend, PEOPLE reports … On Saturday, Richards, 35, and Sambora, 46, the soon-to-be ex-husband of Heather Locklear, arrived at Le Cafe in the Westlake Village neighborhood outside Los Angeles at about 5 p.m. in separate cars. In the parking lot, the two kissed then walked hand-in-hand, smiling and chatting the entire way as they headed for the restaurant … Inside, they shared a table in the covered patio where they gazed into each other’s eyes and held hands across the table. Eventually, Richards planted a kiss on Sambora’s hand — and he returned the gesture, kissing hers. They then kissed again on the lips. They left the restaurant at 5:45 p.m. in the same car together

SLUT! No – seriously – - cardinal girlfriend rule NUMERO UNO – - DO NOT SCREW YOUR BFF’S BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND! – you just don’t do it. It’s a line you just do NOT cross.

Hmmm… should the catfight be PayPerView?? I’m thinkin’!

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3 Responses to A Story of Two Friends and a Guy

  1. Denise says:

    Crap. Hollywood gets stranger by the minute.

  2. Diva says:

    I don’t think anything out of hollywood would shock me anymore

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